Monday, April 11, 2011

The 1884 Maroons: Energetic Effort And Liberal Outlay

As was indicated in these columns the lease for the new ball ground was concluded yesterday about noon. Mr. Lucas arrived home in the morning and worked actively until the papers were completed. In the afternoon he went out to his residence at Normandy, and in the evening took an Eastern train, to keep appointments with ball players and Union Club managers in distant cities. If energetic effort and liberal outlay can make a new ball club a success, Mr. Lucas is certain to succeed. The new grounds are not far distant from the Dayton street plat, and are said to be larger, and in every other way finer. Their exact location is still withheld from the public for prudent reasons, which will be removed within a day or two. Work is expected to begin on the stand in about a week. The diamond will be placed in the northwest corner of the grounds, and a batsman at the plate will face southeast. If the grounds are easy of access the new club will have a good patronage, but otherwise it will do well to pay expenses. As soon as the park is announced, an intelligent idea of the club's chances can be obtained.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 14, 1883

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