Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Taking The Day Off

Two things:

1. For those who don't know, I work in the restaurant business and we've been stupid busy since before Thanksgiving and I'm tired and worn out. Usually, I'll have a week's worth of posts queued up and ready to go but I've been struggling to keep up with the blogging since Christmas. The holidays just kicked my rear end. I'd say that I think I'm getting old but I know for a fact that I'm getting old. Don't even have to think about it.

2. I have a friend who's leaving our restaurant and taking a job elsewhere so we've been "celebrating" for two days. Let's just say that the celebration involved closing a few bars (and I freely admit that I've closed more than my share of bars over the years; but see above about the whole getting old thing).

So instead of writing about 19th century St. Louis baseball, I've been working too much and staying out too late. And I have a ton of stuff that needs to be written up. Just to give you a little preview (rather than doing anything really productive), I'm going to finish up the 1887 world's series; I'm going to go through the 1887 off-season and the Browns' big sell-off; I'll do the 1888 series; I have a bunch of cool stuff in my email inbox about the Black Stockings that has to be posted; I've been looking into VdA's background and his life before coming to America and that will make for an interesting post; I have some good stuff about the 1875 season and I think I know how Charlie Sweasy ended up in St. Louis; and I'd love to go through the Maroons' 1884 season day by day.

Looking at all of that, I think that's a year's worth of stuff. So stick around, 2011 should be a good year. But I'm taking today off. And probably Sunday, too.


David Ball said...

I think I've mentioned this joke to Jeff privately, possibly more than once, but this seems too perfect an occasion to let it pass.

When the Browns sold Curt Welch, Joe Pritchard of Sporting Life commented that Welch and Von der Ahe could never get along because each one thought the other drank too much. Which was a foolish reason for a quarrel, Pritchard commented, because after trying the experiment once or twice with a friend, he could state positively that "there is more whiskey in St. Louis than any two men can drink." Perhaps Jeff could tell us whether that's still the case.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I learned many years ago to avoid whiskey so I can't really speak to that. However, I can state with authority that there is plenty of rum in town. And lots of ale as well.

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Jeffrey Kittel said...

Very true. I was reading something about JFK the other day and realized that he was just a year older than me when he was elected President. And then I immediately realized that Teddy Roosevelt was actually younger than me when he was President. I can handle ballplayers and athletes being younger than me but even when I'm 80, I'll think that the President should be older than me.