Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1887 World Series: Stats Through Game 11

Here are the stats through game eleven. I offer no comment on the amount of luck, vim, nerve and grit it took for Detroit to outscore the Browns by twenty six runs while only getting six more hits. It's a shame we don't have handy information on caught stealing, slugging percentage and the number of times a Brownie made an out trying to grab an extra base. But that's not all that important. If the Browns had just had nine guys chock-full of David Eckstein grittiness, they would have won this series in eight. Heck, if Detroit had had Eckstein instead of Rowe, they would have won the fifteen game series in six. It's all about the grittiness. And luck.


David Ball said...

It's 26 more runs, actually.

Fourteen errors by Gleason, though. And he even sat out a game.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

That's what I get for doing math in my head. I need pencil and paper to do the fancy ciphering.