Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 1887 World Series: Rained Out

A heavy rain set in early this morning [in Washington, D.C.] and continued all day, so that it was impossible to play, and the game scheduled for this city was postponed until to-morrow morning. It was determined that if the weather permitted the two games would be played to-morrow, the morning game at Washington and the afternoon game at Baltimore.

The revised schedule of games reads as follows: To-morrow, Washington and Baltimore; Saturday, Brooklyn; Monday, Detroit; Tuesday and Wednesday, St. Louis; Thursday, Chicago; Friday and Saturday, Kansas City. The Browns are feeling very sore over their defeats. It is evident that they have not been playing their game for several months back; in fact ever since they were so badly crippled on their last Eastern trip. In three of the seven games lost to Detroit a few sacrifice hits would have turned the tide in the Browns' favor, but they were not forthcoming, and defeat was the result. Then, too, they have had to depend on Caruthers almost entirely, although King may be expected to do good work the rest of the series. Comiskey, too, is bothered with a very sore face, the result of the old trouble in his left cheek, which was lanced in New York recently. The players spent the day in lounging on the train, which was side-tracked. Gaffney, the popular umpire, and late manager of the Washingtons, was to-day presented with a handsome diamond pin, the gift of the players he has had under him the past year in the Washington club.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 21, 1887

So the 1887 world series included a weird two city, one day doubleheader. That's kind of neat. It's also interesting to note that they scheduled games in Chicago and Kansas City that didn't come off. I'll double check everything but I thought the series ended in St. Louis on October 26th after the fifteenth game.

And it's good to see that the Globe has moved off the bad luck excuse and moved on to the slightly more plausible injury excuse. Of course, they failed to mention that Dan Brouthers was also hurt and hadn't played in the series at all.

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