Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sorrow In St. Louis

After having been for several years foremost as a base-ball city St. Louis is now effectually out in the cold and there is great depression there in consequence. The Globe-Democrat says:

There was a sorrowful feeling along the local base-ball line yesterday, and the question was asked a thousand times: "What is to become of us?" The meeting of the Brotherhood knocked the last pin from under the hopes of the Brown admirers, and there is a decidedly panicky feeling among the cranks. It was thought that the brotherhood would, of course, make a place for the team, dropping Pittsburg from the list. Such was not done, however, and Pittsburg is still a member of the plucky young organization. Just what is to become of the Browns is a question. The association is dead, the league professes to want none of them, and now the brotherhood openly avows that St. Louis will not be taken in. Just what the opposition to the future great is is not known but it is supposed to arise from the feeling against Mr. Von der Ahe. John Ward's order to "have nothing to do with Chris Von der Ahe" seemed to have been obeyed to the letter at the meeting It seems hardly probable that all the great associations will allow such a city as St. Louis to go by the board. It is as good a ball town as any of them when properly managed, and a good club can always make money here. Can it be that there is an organized effort to run Mr. Von der Ahe out of base-ball, and when this is accomplished to put a strong club in here? It would seem that such was the case.
-The Daily Inter Ocean, December 21, 1889

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