Friday, July 30, 2010

An Optimistic Headline

Hopes Rather High Just Now In The Mound City

Much Confidence Reposed in Manager Tim Hurst's Ability to Get Good Work Out of the Excellent Ball Players at His Command
-Sporting Life, March 26, 1898

I'm not going to bore you with the entire article except to pass along that it was written that the local fans "are looking for Tim Hurst to do something wonderfully wise with the rejuvenated Browns."

The Browns finished 39-111 and in last place again. Interestingly, that was an improvement over 1897 when the club finished 29-102. Also of interest is that Hurst managed the entire season, somehow avoiding getting fired by Von der Ahe.

I'm actually very interested right now in these really bad Browns teams from the late 1890s and would love to do a day by day look at the 1897 season. Sadly, my database doesn't include the St. Louis papers from the late nineties so that project isn't easily doable. I just think it would be much more fun to look at a historically bad team instead of the 1886 Browns. But I work with what I have.

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