Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lip Pike Is Dead

Lip Pike, once famous as a ball player, is dying at Brooklyn of heart disease.
-Chicago Daily Tribune, October 12, 1893

"Lip" Pike, the old centerfielder, is dead. He was famous in the day of the old Atlantics and St. Louis Browns.
-Chicago Daily Tribune, October 13, 1893

Pike died on October 10th. His widow died in 1909 and her obituary in the New York Times (August 29, 1909) is rather interesting:

Mrs. Lipman E. Pike, widow of the famous baseball player of thirty years ago, died on Friday...She was a well-known figure at the Polo Grounds and all other baseball fields throughout the country during her husband's life. She kept an elaborate set of scores of all the baseball games she ever attended and was at one time supposed to know more about the game than any other woman in the United States.

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