Monday, November 9, 2009

1000 Posts

This is my 1000th post here at TGOG and I guess that counts as some kind of milestone so I'm breaking out the videos. If you don't like the Beatles, you should probably just skip this and wait for a relatively significant Von der Ahe post tomorrow. Anyway, I'm typing this up at 2:30 in the morning without using my left thumb (which really isn't as difficult as it sounds). I cut a large piece of it off last night (no exaggeration; I think I'm disfigured for life) while chopping up some chicken and it's wrapped up pretty good. While contemplating whether or not I should go to the hospital and get stitches or wait until tomorrow to see if the wound stops bleeding, I've been watching Beatles' videos on YouTube. Good times. I thought I'd share some of my favorites (and it was a difficult process paring it down to the ones I picked). And as a bonus to all my loyal and brilliant readers, I'll include this link to the single greatest video ever: Pete Maravich playing HORSE. If you like basketball and have never seen this, do yourself a favor and check it out. I'm not sure what I've watched more: Pistol Pete playing HORSE or the first video of my 1000th post.

One Two Three FAWR:

I found some great stuff tonight. Lots of live performances I've never seen, including this clip from the Cavern Club in 1962:

A 1963 performance of She Loves You-in color:

A performance of one of my favorite songs on Shindig in 1964:

I had no idea this video existed and it's amazing to hear the song live.

Sadly, no touring after 1966 but there are the TV performances. I think this is 1968 on the David Frost Show.

My favorite song from the rooftop performance (and that entire concert is on YouTube; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3; did I mention that I love YouTube):

And as I mentioned, tomorrow we have a short but (I think) significant post about Von der Ahe and the Grand Avenue grounds. After that, it's back to the 1876 Brown Stockings. Much thanks to everybody for reading and I appreciate your support. I probably would have quit doing this a long time ago if I didn't have such great readers. It's a lot of fun doing this with you and I always look forward to your comments and emails. So congratulations to you guys for putting up with me this long.


Ron Rollins said...

Beatles and baseball. All is right with the world.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I aim to please. Almost went with recreating Oasis' Definitely Maybe with live clips but there are some great Beatles clips on YouTube. Couldn't pass them up.

james brunson said...

Congrats on Number 1000. In 1964, I went to Chicago's Regal Theater on the Southside and saw Hard Day's Night. During my high school basketball years, late 1960s, we warmed up to "Come Together," perhaps the hippest, if not funkiest, song (at least in my neighborhood)the Beatles had made to date.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

Thank you. Hard Day's Night is one of my favorite movies and is one of the few that I keep on my hard drive. Watched it again week before last and it never gets old. I used to have an old cassette I made with Hard Day's Night on one side and Help on the other. Whenever I had to drive any long distances, that was the first tape I'd put in. It was great to drive to.