Wednesday, November 4, 2009

George Bradley's Obituary

Bradley, First No Hit, No Run Pitcher, Dies at 79

George Washington Bradley, the first man to pitch an official no hit no run game in major league baseball, died at his home (in Philadelphia) last night (October 1) of a heart ailment. He was 79. While playing with St. Louis Bradley, on July 15, 1876, pitched his team to victory over Hartford in a contest in which he held the oppossing club without a hit or run.
-Chicago Daily Tribune, October 4, 1931

Update: One of my brilliant readers reminded me last night that Joe Borden gets the credit for throwing the first professional no-hitter. If you consider the NA to be a major league, which I do, then Borden should also be credited with throwing the first no-hitter in major league history. Bradley should rightly be credited with throwing the first no-hitter in NL history.

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