Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Von Der Ahe Becomes VP Of The Grand Avenue Club

The Grand Avenue Club held its annual meeting on Wednesday night, at Solari's. There was a large attendance, great enthusiasm prevailed and everything passed off cordially. The following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuring year: E.G. Leslie, President; C. Von Der Ahe, Vice President; A. Solari, Treasurer; F.W. Brockman, Secretary; J.G. Solari, Corresponding Secretary; J.B. Woestman and B. Loeblein, with the officers, constitute the Board of Directors. W. Scott Parr was selected as Manager. The Treasurer's report was read, and showed the financial standing of the club to be first class, there being a comfortable balance stowed away. During the season of '76 the Grands stood at the head of the best of amateur clubs, playing twenty-three games, of which they won twenty...Mr. Solari, after the meeting, entertained his guests in his usual hospitable manner. From present indications, the Grand Avenue team has a bright future before it.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 11, 1877

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