Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Louis Players Rabbit To Dubuque

Jack Gleason, Billy Gleason and Tom Sullivan, three of the best players St. Louis ever turned out, left for Dubuque on Friday evening.  Tom Loftus, who is to Captain the team, having preceded them.  Sullivan, who caught so well for the old Red Stockings and Live Oaks, of Lynn, is to fill the same position in the Hawkeye team.  
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 13, 1879

Some interesting questions: Would Dubuque have come to St. Louis and played if there weren't several St. Louis players on the team?  Would Ted Sullivan and Charles Comiskey have been brought in if the Rabbits hadn't played in St. Louis?  Would the Browns have been a success without Sullivan and Comiskey?  Would professional baseball in St. Louis have suceeded without the success of the Browns?  Was Loftus, Sullivan, and the Gleason's signing with Dubuque one of the more pivotal moments in the history of St. Louis baseball? 

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