Monday, March 2, 2009

Devlin And Snyder Sign With The Brown Stockings

The announcement of the engagement of Devlin and Snyder by the St. Louis club, for the season of 1878, is confirmed by the St. Louis papers yesterday, though nothing is said about their intended use for this season. Speaking of the engagement, the St. Louis Globe-Democrat has the following to say:

For some unaccountable reason the impression has been created in certain circles lately that the St. Louis Base Ball Club does not intend to place a nine in the field next season. That this is sheer folly, and that the Directors of the club are still bent on flying the championship pennant, has been evinced by a certain little business transaction which was consummated at Louisville on Monday by Messrs. McManus and McGeary on one side and Messrs. Devlin and Snyder on the other. The Louisville pitcher and catcher will don the Brown Stocking uniform and play in St. Louis next season, contracts to that effect having been signed, sealed and delivered.
-Inter Ocean, July 13, 1877

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