Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweeney And Dolan Released

The management of the Maroons yesterday took a step in the right direction, and released a member of the club who has for some time past been bringing the team into disrepute. It was Charles Sweeney who got his walking papers, and his catcher, Tom Dolan, accompanied him. It is said that the cause of their release was for a disgraceful exhibition of themselves at Sportsman's Park Sunday. It appears that they were "guying" one another over their respective abilities as ball tossers, and were so loud and abusive in their use of language as to attract the attention of the occupants of the grand stand. The other members of the Maroons were also present at the time. Sweeney has been playing miserably all season, and his pitching has been such that any amateur might be ashamed of. This he accounted for "owing to the bad condition of his arm." Sweeney has been played out for some time and there is but little doubt that his ball-playing days are over. His release yesterday was no surprise, as Manager Schmelz has been contemplating letting him go for some time past, and it is only a wonder that he has hung on as long as this. The release of Dolan, however, was something of a surprise. He is a fair ball player, and his catching this season had greatly improved. Both players were also fined $50 apiece.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, June 29, 1886

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