Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Player Of The Nervy Kind

Arthur Croft, of last year's Red Stockings, has signed to play with the St. Louis Browns of '77. Croft is a modest, unassuming player, of excellent character. He is one of the hard, slashing style of batters, a splendid base runner, a model first baseman, and a magnificent outfielder. Altogether he is as promising a player as any in the profession. He is notably a player of the nervy kind, and no amount of chaffing or "rattling" among his associates ever affects him. Mr. Croft is to be congratulated on having secured a connection with the St. Louis Browns, and the club also on having secured a home boy of such excellent promise. Croft played 91 games with the Reds last year as first base,an, averaging 1.79 base hits per game and .364 to times at bat. He was the best run getter in the nine, securing 127 tallies. In 91 games he averaged 11.46 put out, and committed only 45 errors during the season, having some very rough and wild throwing to handle. The Red Stocking officials part with one of their graduates with regret, but congratulate him heartily over his promotion and brilliant prospects for the future.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, January 21, 1877

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