Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dillon Almost Signs With The Brown Stockings

It will be a sore disappointment for the patrons of the game in St. Louis when they learn that McGeary will be unable to take part in the contest. His collision with Sutton in Tuesday's game has proved more serious than was anticipated, and the clear-headed Captain of the Browns, who can perform as much work as two ordinary men at second, will of necessity nurse his leg, and participate in the amusement as a spectator only. Mike's aid in the field and at the bat will be badly missed. In order that the players may be shifted about as little as possible, the officials of the St. Louis club last night talked of securing the services of Packie Dillon, who during the past three years guarded second so brillantly for the little Red Stockings. Packie handles ground balls very cleanly, is a sure catch of fly balls, a superb thrower, a reliable batsman, and a good runner. He would be perfectly at home at second base...
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 12, 1877

Sadly, there is no evidence that Dillon ever signed with the Brown Stockings but that's a nice description of his ball-playing abilities.

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