Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The White Stockings Spank The Reds

The Chicago Club played the second game of its series with the St. Louis Red Stockings yesterday afternoon, on the Twenty-third street grounds. The audience was much smaller than the one of the previous day, though the weather was far more favorable for a larger attendance and a better game. A pleasanter afternoon could not well be desired for out-door amusement, it being comfortably cool, with a refreshing wind from the south. The home club profited by the natural advantages with which it was favored, and, with one or two exceptions, played an excellent game from beginning to end. A score of 26 to 1 against such a hard-hitting and sharp-fielding nine as the Red Stockings is a pretty certain indication that the professionals were attending strictly to business...The St. Louis nine did not play up to their standard. They were unaccountably weak at nearly every point, but more especially at third base. A change in the position of catcher was frequently made necessary, owing to the condition of Dillon's hands. He will not be able to play this afternoon, and his place will probably be filled by Quinn, of the old Aetnas.
-The Chicago Daily Tribune, May 8, 1874

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