Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grand Avenue Vs. Peerless

According to announcement, the (Grand Avenue and Peerless) clubs met at Grand Avenue Park yesterday morning to see "which was which," and Grand Avenue came out first best; and, of course, are exceedingly happy, although they only won the game by a close rub, but that does not make any difference to them, as they wanted revenge on the boys from "Kerry Patch," because they had to lower their flag to those very same lads, it being the only defeat they ever received. The Grands batted terribly, but did some of the tallest muffing ever seen on a ball field. It is thought that the Grand Avenue nine could not do as much muffing again if they tried their level best. Seven base hits in the first inning and six runs, five earned, was what the Grands accomplished, and then they muffed outrageously, and ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Peerless lads played a much better fielding game than the Grands, but they were not as strong in wielding the willow. They did not earn a single run in the game, but they played a splendid up-hill contest. C. Sullivan did the pitching for the Peerless after the first inning, but the avenue boys had no trouble in pasting him all over the field. During the game, little Joe Solari got a terrible bad hit in the left eye from a foul tip, and he had to retire, Dolan going behind the bat, and McDonald taking his place at third. Before Joe got his eye put in mourning he caught well, and had only one error charged to him, it being a wild throw. Bauer at left field took everything that came to him, tow or three of his catches being very brilliant ones. Koring, the left-fielder of the Peerless, made two splendid catches after long runs.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 25, 1875

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