Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 1880 Brown Stockings Take The Field (And A Packy Dillon Sighting)

The faithful were on hand at the base ball park on Compton avenue, yesterday afternoon, to witness the opening of the season between the St. Louis Brown Stockings of last season, and the strongest picked nine that could be got together. All of Cuthbert's men were on hand but the best batsman of the lot, Croft, did not show up in time to participate. Cotton manned first in his stead. Dan Morgan, who is always equal to any emergency, cared for short field, and Jack Gleason, the best third baseman that St. Louis ever produced, filled that position. The picked men were of the best, including Trick McSorley, Billy Gleason, Redmond, Geer of the Cincinnatis, McCaffrey, and others who have made their mark in the professional arena. The contest was a beauty in every respect, but seven errors being indulged in during its progress. The batting of the Browns was very light, denoting their lack of practice, but their opponents, especially Redmond, made a very creditable display against the tricky McGinnes. Poor base-running cost the Browns a victory, several runs being sacrificed by bad judgement. Cunningham's batting was a feature of the game...

Packie Dillon showed up (at the game) yesterday. There was a time when Packie was regarded as the most graceful catcher in the country.

The Brown Stockings will be reorganized during the present week. Arthur Croft promises to be one of the number. such a team as McGinnes, Decker, Croft, McDonald, J. Gleason, Morgan, Cunningham, Cuthbert, Schenck, W. Gleason, Bowles and McSorley would be well-nigh invincible.
-The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 19, 1880

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