Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Base Ball Pioneers, 1850-1870

I'm back, like Nixon.  Tan, rested and ready to go.

Anyway, Base Ball Pioneers, 1850-1870 is now out in bookstores and available online.  I heartily suggest that you pick up a copy.  I just got my copy today and have been enjoying the book a great deal.  I really like the chapter on pioneer baseball in St. Louis.  I did a good job on that, if I say so myself.

Tomorrow, I may even post something from the book.  Maybe something about Basil Duke.  Who knows.

So, what have I been doing besides working and not posting?  NHL Playoffs, people.  It's the playoffs and if you know anything about these things, you know that these games tend to turn into 12 hour drinking sessions.  Hockey, playoffs, drinking.  It's the simple things in life.

I've been going out to eat on the Hill, starting my drink early and then going to watch the Blues in their futile quest to win the one and only Lord Stanley's Cup.  Been doing it for thirty years.  Will do it till I'm dead and buried.  Sorry that it takes away from the blogging but this is playoff hockey and sacrifices must be made.  We lost 5-1 tonight and I ain't got no sympathy for anything right now.  We were down 4-0 after the first period and I'm in the mood to burn shit down.  I feel like destroying something beautiful.

But instead, I leave you with this thought:

In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk of situationsRead books repeat quotationsDraw conclusions on the wallSome speak of the futureMy love she speaks softlyShe knows there's no success like failureAnd that failure's no success at all

I'll probably be more coherent and on-topic tomorrow.  Maybe.  


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