Friday, February 24, 2012

The 1884 Maroons: The Lucas Pets

The heavy batting and magnificent fielding of the St. Louis and National clubs to-day afforded great sport for the 1,500 people that witnessed the game.  Had it not been for the partiality of Holland's umpiring there would not have been more than one run difference between the totals of either nine.  Dunlap opened the game with a single and was brought in by Dickerson's double.  The home team also got a run by a hit by Deasley, who went from first to third on a wild pitch and came home on a sacrifice hit by Evers.  In the second inning Wise gave Baker his first on balls and Whitehead's single, Hodnett's sacrifice and a hit by Dunlap yielded two more runs for the Lucas pets.  In the next inning Dickerson went to first on balls, Rowe hit for two bases, and Gleason got in a single, the yield being one run.  The Nationals were retired in their half of the inning by an assist of Gleason to first and a fine double play by Gleason, Dunlap and Quinn.  The Nationals were blanked in the fourth by the brilliant stops of Gleason and a long running catch by Shafer.  In the fifth singles by Dickerson and Quinn and a double by Baker earned two runs.  For the Nationals Baker got first on balls, and hits by Wise and Evers brought him in.  Dunlap, in the sixth, went to first on balls, and two errors by McKe, supplemented by two-baggers by Dickerson and Gleason, and a single by Shaffer, netted four runs, two of which were earned.  The home team earned a run in the seventh on Joy's single and Baker's two-bagger.  Hodnett allowed Moore to occupy first in the eighth by making a balk, which was followed by a magnificent stop and wild throw by Gleason, the ball going over Quinn's head.  A two-base hit by Gunson and a single by Baker added 3 unearned runs to the home score.  In the ninth inning Quinn's single, errors by Joy and McKee, a double by Dunlap, Shaffer being sent to first on balls and a wild pitch by Voss resulted in 2 more runs for the visitors.  A double by Evers and a single by McKee gave the Nationals an earned run, which made the game 12 to 7.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 4, 1884

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