Monday, January 16, 2012

Now That's A Great Nickname

The St. Jacob's Hard Hitters and the Highland Invincibles crossed bats [in Highland, Illinois] today.  But eight innings were played on account of the rain.  The score stood 20 to 13 in favor of the Invincibles.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, June 16, 1884

How can you not love a club named the Highland Invincibles?  That is just a fantastic name for a baseball club. And the Hard Hitters isn't too shabby either.  Who wouldn't want to watch a game between the Invincibles and the Hard Hitters?  


Mike S said...

Has nothing at all to do with 19th Century St Louis Baseball (so you can delete this comment if you want) but i love collecting stories about strange sport team knicknames. My two favorite:

1) The Cleveland Crusaders of the original WHA had a farm team in Macon, Georgia called the Whooopees. (So don't forget, folks, thats what you get folks...)

2) i've never found out if this story was true - but i read once that the Houston baseball team had a franchise in Kissimee, Florida. They didn't name the team after the city because then they would have been the Kissimee Astros.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I've always wanted a Cleveland Crusaders jersey. Love the logo and the purple scheme. It's a great jersey. And that's a cool story about the Kissimee team. Made me laugh.