Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Brief Interview With Von Der Ahe

President Von der Ahe returned rather unexpectedly to the city last night and seemed in a remarkably good humor over his recent sales of players. He confirmed the sales of Bushong to Brooklyn and of Gleason and Welch to the Athletics. He receives from the latter Milligan, McGarr and Mann. For Bushong he receives $4500. He was very reticent in regard to Caruthers, and refused to speak at all of the deal. He denied that Washington had even made an offer for Comiskey.

"Would you sell Comiskey for $10,000?" he was asked.

"I have no more players for sale," was the reply.

"What about Foutz?"

"I will retain him on the team."

This spoils Baltimore's chances of securing the lengthy twirler, and there will be weeping in the Monumental City.

"Do you expect to win with your reorganized team?"

"I certainly do. We have a very strong team still, and I think we will win the pennant again next year."

"Have you signed the Athletics' men?"

"No; but they are all willing to play here, and I can sign them when I please."
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 26, 1887

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