Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Big Deal In Progress

A portion, at least, of the big base ball deal foreshadowed in Saturday night's dispatches to the Globe-Democrat was effected to-day, and two members of the present St. Louis Brown Stocking team will positively be found with the Athletics next season. President Von der Ahe got here this afternoon and had a long conference with the Athletic Directors. It is known that this deal is to involve five of the leading clubs of the American Association and was the subject under consideration. Manager Sharsig, of the Athletics, was inclined to be reticent when questioned by the Globe-Democrat reporter as to the outcome of the conference, but finally admitted that arrangements for the transfers of two of the St. Louis players to this city had been definitely concluded.

"Yes," said Mr. Sharsig, "we will have two of Mr. Von der Ahe's men next year, and they will be Gleason, the short-stop, Welch, the center-fielder. Both are good men and will greatly strengthen our team."

Mr. Sharsig refused to divulge the terms on which the deal was made. But it may be set down as a certainty that McGarr and one of the Athletic's catchers will go to St. Louis, and the Athletics will, besides, pay to Mr. Von der Ahe a handsome cash bonus. Mr. Von der Ahe was not very talkative.

"There had been a good deal of gossip about my team for next season," said he. "Oh, yes," he added, laughing, "I'll have to admit your paper has succeeded in getting the news pretty straight. There is a big deal in progress at present, but I can not divulge its exact nature until it's consummated."

Mr. Von der Ahe will go to New York to-morrow to complete the arrangements for the transfer of certain players to the Brooklyn club.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 22, 1887

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