Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 1886 World Series: It Could Decide The Series

Have I ever mentioned how much I love 19th century newspaper ads? They're just fantastic and even these ads for the series, which are rather tame when compared to other newspaper ads of the day, are great. They knew how to do advertising back in the 19th century with great, eye-grabbing graphics. And the products were sometimes rather bizarre. Reading the 19th century classifieds is like taking a trip to a museum of quackery. Great stuff.


Ron Rollins said...

I alwasy like the girdle and bra ads. Seemed very risque to me.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

If I had the time, I'd start a new blog and post nothing but 19th century newspaper ads. It'd be a lot of fun and the odd thing is that it would probably get decent traffic. Maybe when I run out of baseball stuff to cover I'll move on to the girdle and bra ads.