Monday, September 27, 2010

The 1886 World Series: Joy Reigns Supreme

The St. Louis Browns won the fifth game of the series with the Chicago club for the world's base ball championship, and as a consequence joy reigns supreme at the west end of the big bridge, while doubtless a cloud of gloom thicker than the aroma from their river towers over the people of the village by the lake. The game was not what could be called a great one, nor were there many very brilliant plays. But it was a great victory, all the same.

The weather was warmer than yesterday, and the crowd assembled earlier and waited rather impatiently for the hour for the beginning of the game. It had been announced that Flynn or Baldwin would pitch for the visitors and Hudson was to occupy the box for the home club. The friends of the home club gave expression to many misgivings on Hudson's account. He was by many considered of too small calibre for the contest, but he came out strong...
-Boston Daily Globe, October 23, 1886

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