Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess Wh-t's Wrong With This Post

I spilled w-ter on my keyp-d yesterdy -nd now the letter th-t comes before "b" doesn't work. I need th-t letter to type my p-sswords. Other words use th-t letter often. It's - r-ther import-nt vowel. I solved the problem with my computer p-ssword but typing is pretty much out of the question. So no posts until I get - new keyp-d for the l-ptop. Sorry but, in -ll honesy, I c-n use - blogging v-c-tion. Hopefully, I'm not down for more th-n - week or so.


David Ball said...

On the plus side, this enables you to copy the style of old novels and cry, "D-mn it all!"

I can understand your being just as get a break, but I for one have been very interested in the ongoing story line and regret being left on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen with Von der Ahe and Spink.

Lydia said...

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