Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Much For The Very Best Authority

It is now stated, on the very best authority, that George Hall, the hardest hitter in the fraternity, will be one of the St. Louis out-fielders next season.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 30, 1876

Hall did not play for the Browns in 1877. But I pass this along for two reasons. First, it's more evidence of the rumors, uncertainty and chaos that was surrounding the team in July, 1876. Second, and more importantly, I wrote this in November: "Maybe if the Browns had bought George Hall and Ezra Sutton from Philadelphia and had them replace Joe Blong and Herman Dehlman in the lineup, they would have had enough to catch Chicago. Maybe." It looks like somebody was thinking along the same lines.

So really, I'm just posting this because it makes me look smart. It doesn't happen that often so let me have my moment and then we'll all move on with our lives.

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