Monday, October 19, 2009

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Redemption, Part I

Yesterday being an off-day at the Base Ball Park on account of the weather, there were many thousands who missed the opportunity of seeing a game that was not only most brilliantly contested, but which had the crowning merit of redeeming the St. Louis nine from the dispargement incurred during their recent trip. Bradley's pitching went far to justifly the opinion of his friends that he is simply the best pitcher in the United States, and as faor the talk of batting his balls all about the field, it is pretty well established that the Chicago nine are not up to that feat, but are so far from it that no club in the country need hope to achieve it. Behind the bat Clapp left nothing to be disired for perfect coolness and finish of execution. The Chicago nine made a valliant struggle, and are well worthy of their reputation, but the nine goose eggs laid at their feet yesterday are proof conclusive that our home club is well worthy of the zeal and pains which have been bestowed on it. What with the early closing movement on Saturday and the prestige of yesterday's game, a fair afternoon ought to call out such an attendance to-day as the Park has never known; and if the playing is as fine as yesterday's the victory will be all the more honorable, while defeat will incur no discredit.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 6, 1876

The Brown Stockings met their rivals, the White Stockings of Chicago, at the Grand Avenue Ground on May 5, 1876. It was the Brown Stockings' home opener after a rather disastrous four game road trip to start the season. After disappointing games and shockingly poor play against Cincinnati and Louisville, the Brown Stockings returned home to stormy weather that postponed the home opener that had been originally scheduled on May 4 and to face a Chicago club that was the favorite to win the pennant.

The Brown Stockings won their home opener and shut out their rivals by a score of 1-0. This defeat of the White Stockings took place just one day short of the one year anniversary of the Brown Stockings historic 10-0 defeat of the White Stockings on May 6, 1875.

I'll have much more about this game tomorrow, including the box score. Also, I imagine that we'll be talking about this game and the White Stockings for the rest of the week.

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