Thursday, October 15, 2009

The 1876 Brown Stockings: And This Wasn't The Worst Loss Of The Season

The Louisilles defeated the Brown Stockings 11 to 0, today. The St. Louis boys appeared with the same nine that has been playing together, but Louisville presented a stronger team than previously, Carbine's place at first being taken by Gerhardt. McGeary won the choice of innings. Hastings led off for Louisville with a pretty, clean hit to left center. Snyder knocked a solid one to right, which sent Hastings to second and put Snyder out. Devlin drove a beautiful two-base hit to center, and passed in Hastings, soon following himself on clean hits by others. From their first inning until Manager Graffin folded up the bats and walked silently away, the Browns failed to hit Devlin with any success, getting only two first-base licks during the entire game. On the other hand, the Louisville men batted Bradley very heavily, every player except Ryan and Bechtel getting one and two hits off him. The Browns worked hard for a run, but were disappointed, Battin being the only man in nine innings to reach third base.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 4, 1876

So after dropping two to Cincinnati to open the season, the Brown Stockings went to Louisville and managed only five hits off of Jim Devlin in two games while committing twenty-one errors. It wasn't a glorious start to the year for the Brown Stockings. They were 1-3 and lucky to have the one win. And Chicago was coming to town.

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