Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Partition Of The Lucas Estate

In June, 1875, the Circuit Court appointed, at the suggestion of the heirs and devisees of James H. Lucas, Messrs. George S. Drake, Isaac H. Kelm and Julius Pitzman, Commissioners, to divide the lands belonging to said estate in eight parts or shares, of equal value, and to apportion the same amongst his children, namely: William Lucas, John B. C. Lucas, Nancy L. Johnson, wife of Dr. John B. Johnson, Robert J. Lucas, Elizabeth L. Hager, wife of John S. Hager, of San Francisco, James D. Lucas, Joseph D. Lucas and Henry V. Lucas. This partition includes all the lands belonging to said estate, situated in Iron County, Reynolds County, Ripley County and St. Louis County, of all the unimproved lots in the City of St. Louis, and of some central property not heretofore disposed of by Mr. Lucas.

Several years prior to his death, Mr. Lucas provided for his family by conveying his elegant residence on Lucas Place, two new stores on the west side of Fourth street, between Olive and Locust streets, and three large stores at the northeast corner of Fourth and Locust streets, to his wife, and by conveying most of his improved property to his children in equal parts, but the improved property in the central part of the city included in the partition was not divided by Mr. Lucas in his lifetime on account of the difficulty of making a perfect and equitable division...

The total value of the estate divided in this partition amounts to about $3, 500, 000, according to the estimate of the Commissioners.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 23, 1876

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