Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Game At Jefferson Barracks

An interesting and, at times, exciting game was played on the parade ground at Jefferson Barracks on the 19th instant, between the Jefferson Barracks and Hill Clubs, the latter team hailing from the hill just north of the Barracks. There were five or six good amateur players on each side. Up to the fifth inning the game was well worth seeing; after that the muffers on both sides began throwing wild, and the hundred spectators had to turn their heads, being ashamed to look at the barn-door throwing indulged in. The pitching of John Adams for the Barracks boys was first class in every particular, although he, like sorrel top Bradley, could not let himself out, his brother Charley, who caught for him, like Cal. McVey, being unable to hold the rifle shots sent in. Kinney, who played third in professional style, John, Charley and Tom Adams did all the fielding for the Barracks nine, and all the batting, too, with John and Will Harrison and little Frank Adams thrown in. Morrisey, the Captain of the Hill crew, played well and for all he was worth, as did also the Murnan boys. During the game the Hillites made a chain-lightning double play. They came out at the small end of the horn, because they could not get in on the "krookt" balls sent in by Johnny Adams to any great extent. The umpiring was wretched. Next Sunday a nine, picked from the Barrack and Hill teams, will give the Our Boys, of Carondelet, any amount of leather to hunt on the parade grounds.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, August 21, 1877

The Jefferson Barracks team won the game over the Buttermilk Hill club 15 to 10.

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