Monday, October 22, 2012

The 1884 Maroons: A Peculiar One

After a hard struggle, the St. Louis team won from the Baltimores another game at Union Park to-day.  The game was a peculiar one, and twice it was in the hands of the home club, but somehow it slipped from their grasp, and at the end of the tenth inning the score was 5 to 6 in favor of the St. Louis.  In the first inning, the visitors first went to bat, and through good fielding by the home team they were retired with nothing.  In the same inning, the Baltimores were more successful.  Seery led off with a single, followed by singles by Lee and Robinson, a passed ball by Brennan gave the home team 2 runs.  The St. Louis club was blanked up to the eighth inning, and it looked as if they would be shut out, but luck changed and in the eighth inning they scored 4 earned runs, and as the home team got a run in the fourth and fifth innings the score was tied.  In blanking the visitors the home team did some good fielding, and it alone prevented the visitors from running up a big score.  The ninth and tenth innings were regular nip-and-tuck fights.  The crack team went to the bat and secured one run.  In the latter half of the inning the Baltimores also got a run, again tieing the score.  In the tenth inning Gleason got a base hit and got third on a single by Boyle.  two men were then put out, but a wild pitch by Sweeny allowed Gleason to score.  For the Baltimores Seery led off with a single and Lee followed by striking to short, and both men were put out on a good double-play.  Robinson secured a single hit, but was put out while stealing second.  The home team had every opportunity to win the game.  The errors made by the visitors were very costly, and the umpire also gave the home team the benefit of three close decisions.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 3, 1884


Cliff Blau said...

It's a peculiar box score, since it indicates the game went either 9 or 9.5 innings, whereas it was really a full ten. I wonder what happened to the other three putouts for Baltimore.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

The box score is missing an inning somewhere. The game account says the Maroons scored 4 in the eighth but the box score has them scoring 4 in the seventh.