Friday, August 10, 2012

Tom Dolan Jumps To The Maroons

Thos. Dolan, Outlaw

Dolan, of the St. Louis Browns, caught for the St. Louis Unions to-day and says he will play with the Browns no longer in consequence of the alleged ill-treatment by the management.  His action produced quite a sensation in baseball circles and a great crowd greeted him at the Union park, this afternoon.  It is said to-night that he will sign with the Union next week.
-Milwaukee Sentinel, August 24, 1884

About four years ago, while writing about the St. Louis Whites, I wrote the following about Mr. Dolan:

[Tom Dolan] played seven seasons in the major leagues between 1879 and 1888; played with the Browns in 1883 and 1884 before jumping to the Maroons (for whom he played in all three seasons of their existence); after the breakup of the Whites, Dolan rejoined the Browns; played baseball in St. Louis in four different leagues: the AA, UA, NL, and WA; after he retired from baseball, Dolan served as a fireman in St. Louis...

His first game as an outlaw was on August 23, when the Maroons played Cincinnati in an exhibition game.  

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