Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. Von Der Ahe Objects To All The League Umpires

I thought it was interesting that Von der Ahe had problems with the League umpires that he wasn't willing to put into writing in a letter to Spalding and I was curious as to what the problems were. I think this sheds some light on the matter:

The Globe-Democrat had this to say of the games before the points had been settled:

Mr Spalding proposes that Mr. Von der Ahe select umpires from Powers, Peatree, and Quest of the league corps, and that he select two from any three of the American Association staff that Mr. Von der Ahe may name. Spalding objects to Fulmer for reasons, he claims, of the latter's unjust decisions against the Chicago players in Philadelphia recently. As has been already stated, Mr. Von der Ahe objects to all the League umpires with the exception of Fulmer, and he has very good grounds for not wanting them to officiate in such important contests. Both Powers and Quest were released from the Browns for incompetency, and neither one of them naturally has any too much affection for the champions' President. Mr. Von der Ahe objects to Pearce on general principles. He does not think him a competent man, and the two mentioned above he will not have under any circumstances.
-Chicago Tribune, October 10, 1886

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