Monday, April 7, 2008

The Union Grounds

Some information about the Union Grounds, which were located at the corner of Cass and Jefferson Avenues, from St. Louis' Big League Ballparks:

Only a 30 minute ride (by horse-drawn conveyance) from downtown, (the Union Grounds) was indeed the nearest...(and) may well have also been the finest and prettiest (of the St. Louis ballparks of the time). Henry V. Lucas, the team's owner, spared little expense. The painted white wooden grandstands stood at the northwest corner of the lot. Two wings with opera chairs and a long promenade allowed additional seating. The St. Louis Union Maroons sported white uniforms with maroon caps and stockings, and played on a diamond surrounded by blue grass and clover. The St. Louis team defeated their Chicago adversaries (at the grand opening of the park on April 20, 1884), 7-2, in six innings, rain preventing the full nine.

...(The) Maroons with their "silk stockings and lambs wool sweaters" marched onto the field to the music of a brass band. A generous owner, Henry V. Lucas provided amenities like billiard tables in the reception room of the player clubhouse...

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