Friday, September 21, 2007

19th Century Baseball Players Born in St. Louis

The following is a list of 19th century baseball players who were born in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. The list is taken from the player roster of David Nemec’s The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Baseball. Unless otherwise noted, the player’s place of birth is listed as the city of St. Louis.

James J. Adams (East St. Louis, IL)
William C. Alvord
George F. Baker
Joseph M. Blong
Theodore P. Breitenstein
James A. Brennan
James T. Burke
William B. Casey
William Childers
William H. Colgan
Daniel T. Collins
August L. Creely (Florissant, MO)
Arthur Croft
Frank Decker
Packard A. Dillon
Henry E. Dooms
Henry P. Dowling
Michael F. Drissel
Henry H. East
Frank Y. Figgemeier
Patrick H. Flaherty
James F. Galvin
Joseph Gannon
C. Frank Genins
John D. Gleason
William B. Goodenough
John F. Gorman
James C. Gill
William G. Gleason
William L. Hassamaer
Charles A. Hautz
William H. Hemp
Edward J. Herr
Ernest P. Hickman
Robert E. Hogan
James W. Holliday
Frank E. Huelsman
William M. Joyce
Charles F. King
John F. Kirby
Charles L. Krehmeyer
Stephen Ladew
Leonidas P. Lee
Charles H. Levis
Harry A. Little
Thomas J. Loftus
John T. Magner
George R. Mappes
Harry C. McCaffrey
Michael J. McDermott
Alexander S. McFarlen
George W. McGinnis (Alton, IL)
Edward J. McKenna
John B. McSorley
Paul A. McSweeney
Frank J. Meek
Frank E. Millard (East St. Louis, IL)
Thomas Morrison
Joseph A. Murphey
T.E. Newell
John J. O’Conner
Henry A. Oberbeck
Edward D. A. Pabst
Henry C. Peitz
Joseph Peitz
John J. Ryan
John Schultz
George E. Seward
Edward Silch
Harry A. Stanton
Harry Steinfeldt
Albert Struve
John W. Sudhoff
Florence P. Sullivan (East St. Louis, IL)
Thomas J. Sullivan
George E. Tebeau
Oliver W. Tebeau
Frederick T. Underwood
George Van Haltren
John Ward
James T. Welch
Percival W. Werden
Lewis W. Whistler
William H. Whitaker
James T. Williams

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